microbit & Scratch

Required Dongle

A Bluetooth dongle is required to wirelessly interact with the microbit. The Bluegiga BLED112 Bluetooth Smart Dongle is used by S2Bot. It’s around £10.

You will also need to use Chrome as your browser.

1. Install S2Bot App

A Chrome extension must be installed to communicate with the microbit. Install it from the Chrome store.

2. Upload the .hex file to the microbit

The microbit must run a separate .hex file:

Open the S4Bot app

3. Scan for the Microbit

Connect to the microbit

4. Connect to the Microbit

Connect to the microbit

5. Save Scratch Template

6. Open Scrach & Open Template

upload scratch template

7. Use Template

Here’s a moving cat:

upload scratch template

One day this process will be so much easier!

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Published: December 23, 2016 Updated: December 23, 2016

microbit & Scratch

Connect to the microbit using scratch.

Jez Dean