There are many programming languages available on the microbit: Python, Touch Develop, Javascript and C++. Here’s how to use the languages:

Main Language Options

Touch Develop

touch develop editor

Touch Develop is a Microsoft block-based coding system. It’s quite advanced, and quite different to everything else available.

PXT Editor from Microsoft is a block- and text-based javascript editor. The user can use drag-and-drop blocks to write code and switch their blocks into javascript to edit it as text.

mu Python Editor

mu Python Editor

The mu python editor is an offline editor for writing Python code. It will check code for errors and will flash the microbit’s hex file itself. It is updated frequently so be sure to use a recent version.

Other Editors

Code Kingdoms

The Code Kingdom javascript editor is more of a blocks-based editor. The blocks are formatted in Javascript although you cannot edit the underlying code.

Python (online)

You can write and compile hex files on the online Python editor. It’s visually similar to the mu python text editor. It does not support many of the more advanced functions now available in Python for the microbit. The mu editor is a much better choice for coding


The microbit will run code written in C++.

It can be difficult setting it up and documentation is lacking at the moment. The best resources are at ARM and I Programmer.