Schematic of Microbit

The micro:bit is a small embedded system designed by the BBC for use in education.

Programing Languages

Onboard Components


The pins on the microbit allow it to communicate to attached components. The pins can light an LED (or an array of neopixels), detect movement with a PIR sensor or drive an electric motor.


What Can You Do with It?

The microbit has sensors onboard and can be attached to external devices. It can also display information on its 5x5 LED display and send data wirelessly.

Putting these together, it is possible to make projects:

How to Program

The microbit runs a .hex file containing the script and firmware for the device. Each of editors generate a .hex file which can then be copied over USB to the microbit.

Online Editors

Offline Editors

Getting Involved

There’s a thriving and welcoming community behind the microbit. If you’re a developer, or are a user and want to find out more, here a few resources: